A short introduction

Every year in August a green booklet appears in Düsseldorf with the catchy title “Respect and Courage” – Düsseldorf’s contribution to intercultural understanding. “Respect and Courage” originated in the end of 2000, during a year, in which an extraordinary amount of rightist extremist violent actions were observed. Since 2001, this Program has made its appearance each year in August. This array of events is sponsored by the following associations: Düsseldorfer Appell, Advisory Board for Foreigners in Düsseldorf, Protestants in Düsseldorf, IG Metal/DGB, Düsseldorf police-force, Rheinbahn AG, VHS Düsseldorf and Zakk.As collaboration partners we have had the opportunity to work together and have gained support from over thirty diverse institutions, enabling the development of our collective agenda. Our cooperation partners include: ecclesiastical facilities, public agencies, charities, cultural institutions and migrant associations. With cabaret and music, readings and excursions, but also with informational and educational events the cooperation partners secure a peaceful, respectful and cultural togetherness in Düsseldorf. The conjoining of ethnically diverse people in over 80 events demonstrates the chances and options of our multifaceted society without the need to conceal its problems.The program contains, amongst other things, anti-aggression training, exhibitions, tours to memorial places, museum excursions, informational events about right-wing extremism, Islamic fundamentalism and anti-Semitism, intercultural encounters, international evenings, workshops, panel discussions, intercultural neighbourhood tours, historical talks, cabaret, lectures and musical events. The wide spectrum of cooperation partners and program contributions has proved itself to be very effective, as institutions which at first sight seemed rather unsuited for each other can, from their own particular perspective, often conceptually enrich and complement each other.The integrations commission from the NRW provincial government regards: “Respect and Courage” due to the “vast amount of civilian dedication and its long lasting continuity in the North Rhein-Westfalia as one of a kind.” The 50 involved organizations, alliances, and associations are pleased that on May 2009 Düsseldorf was distinguished by the federal government as „city of diversity. “ Moreover, that our collective work has received such acknowledgement. This recognition motivates us to further support and speak up for intercultural understanding in our city. If you would like to attain further information or perhaps even take part in “Respect and Courage”; please visit our website For further assistance, contact Volker Neupert, coordinator of “Respect and Courage, at 0152-55823791.